Painting paradise!

6 Jul

We’ve painted on a mountain top, at the site of an 8th century monastery;  in a vineyard where the famous wine of Piglio, Cesanese, is produced;  in medieval towns of Acuto and Trevi nel Lazio.  The people of Ciociaria have been incredibly warm and welcoming, providing lunch  (and bathrooms!) for painters.   Italian painters have been joining us, thanks to the great publicity effort by Giulio Tirinelli and Stefania Bedetti, for our Italian version, Scoprire la Ciociaria.  A picture’s worth a thousand words, so check out some of the places we’ve seen!

vew from Martini Vineyard, Piglio

Acuto, painting by Jon Campbell

View from the Castello, Trevi nel Lazio

Mady, busy painting Acuto

A beautiful underpainting by Carol Slutsky-Tenerowicz of the vineyard


One Response to “Painting paradise!”

  1. Agnes Preszler July 6, 2012 at 1:12 pm #

    I agree, it’s a painting paradise. Beautiful locations and yours seem to be very nice paintings. See my works of the Discovery Ciociaria project on

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