Discovering more Ciociaria today! June 27- that is (or was)

1 Jul



Village street

We enjoyed an exciting and long day today, visiting “alta Ciociaria” (high Ciociaria) towns of Acuto and Trevi nel Lazio. The mountain landscapes are stunning, and driving on roads with 180 degree switchbacks are not for the faint-hearted…thank goodness for the intrepid driver, Mike Campbell, who remained cool as a cucumber for 99% of the day, while the rest of us feasted our eyes on the scenery. It was only at the end of the day when he found himself driving the wrong way on a one way street that we noticed a tiny bead of sweat on Mike’s brow!

Loretta (town of Acuto), Nancy, and Giulio in Acuto

We found truly fantastic places to paint…the guests for Discover Ciociaria area in for a real treat. Tomorrow we head back into the hills, to the spa town of Fiuggi.

But there is a whole other side to this adventure…along with my painting workshop, Giulio has been working with the cultural minister of Piglio, Stefania Bedetti, and together they have organized an Italian art happening to compliment Discover Ciociaria called “Scoprire la Ciociaria.” Stay tuned…


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